RNC Releases New Video Slamming Democrats for Lack of Health Care Plan

By NTK Staff | 07.05.2017 @12:30pm

"Where's their plan?" the GOP asks in the video criticizing Democrats for being all talk and no action.

The Republican National Committee released a new video on Wednesday that asks where the Democrats’ plans to fix Obamacare are.

Featuring Democratic leaders such as Sens. Al Franken (D-MN), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT), along with Hillary and Bill Clinton criticizing problems with Obamacare, the video then moved to news anchors asking various politicians for Democratic plans to fix these problems.

As an example, one clip showed MSNBC asking Sanders for a plan to fix Obamacare, a question which he dodges.

“Democrats know Obamacare is broken,” the GOP video said. “We have a plan to fix it.”

“Where’s their plan?” the video asked in conclusion.

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