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Roger Stone: Collusion Was Impossible Unless I Owned a Time Machine

The Republican operative said the timeline proved collusion with Russian hackers couldn’t have happened.

GOP operative Roger Stone told reporters on Tuesday that the timeline of election events would have made collusion impossible “unless I owned a time machine.”

Stone had previously corresponded with Guccifer 2.0, the DNC hacker whom intelligence agencies believe is a front for the Russian government, on Twitter. The operative addressed the correspondence, denying that it had anything to do with collusion.

“We released the entire exchange, which takes place between August 15 and September 9, many weeks after the publication by WikiLeaks of the DNC material,” he said. “Collusion with Guccifer in the hacking and release of that material would be impossible, unless I owned a time machine.”

Stone made clear that he did not, in fact, own a time machine.