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Roy Moore Mismanaged His Charity’s Finances. Is He Fiscally Responsible?

The Foundation for Moral Law, Moore’s charity, has run a deficit in six of the past seven years.

Roy Moore

“Judge [Roy] Moore and I both believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, and I am pleased to support him.”

Those were the words of Alabama state Sen. Trip Pittman, a Republican from Montrose, Alabama, uttered while endorsing the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

But a recent report from Alabama Today regarding Moore’s charity calls into question Moore’s “fiscal responsibility.”

The charity, the Foundation for Moral Law (with the unfortunate acronym, “FML,”) has run a deficit in six of the past seven years, according to Pro Publica, a nonprofit that monitors tax-exempt organizations.

Moore, who served as president of FML, raked in a hefty salary while the charity’s finances foundered:

FML has run a deficit for six of the past seven years, which peaked at over $400,000 in 2011, one of the many years Moore served as its president.

While charities aren’t supposed to be in the business of making money, Alabama voters have reason to pause over the the fact Moore ran FML into the red while simultaneously pulling out a million bucks in donated money to pay his and his wife’s salaries for working only 20 hours a week.

Moore is locked in a runoff with fellow Republican and incumbent Sen. Luther Strange. The runoff election date is set for September 26. The winner will face Democrat Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney.