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Roy Moore Said “Parts” of Alabama’s Immigration Law Could Be Declared “Unconstitutional”

Senate candidate Roy Moore said that “parts” of the law, H.B. 56, would be declared “unconstitutional.”

Roy Moore

Ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore said in 2012 that “parts” of Alabama’s immigration law, H.B. 56, may be declared “unconstitutional.”

Moore made the comments at an appearance in Cusseta, Alabama, during his 2012 campaign for Alabama Supreme Court chief justice.

According to Lanett, Alabama’s Valley Times-News (emphasis ours):

In answering questions from the crowd, Moore said that he had not, and would not, take any money from political action committees, or PACs.

He fielded a variety of other questions, such as whether or not the U. S. is headed toward sharia law and whether or not the U. S. Supreme Court will uphold Alabama’s new immigration law.

“I don’t think it will be declared completely unconstitutional, maybe parts of it,” he said.

Moore has, at times, suggested he was opposed to the federal government’s intervention with the law, and told the Montgomery Advertiser “he supported the premise” of the law this year. But the candidate didn’t seem so sure of its constitutionality in 2012.