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Ryan to Push Tax Reform on CNN During Town Hall

Outside of the CNN town hall, a mobile billboard will thank the speaker for “fighting to cut taxes for working families and small businesses”

Speaker Paul Ryan

On Monday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan will continue his push for tax reform during a televised town hall on CNN. The speaker has been pushing for tax reform, saying that, “[a] simpler, fairer tax system that puts working families first will strengthen our economy and create more jobs.”

Coinciding with his town hall, America Action Network (AAN) will be airing an ad that features a laid-off metal worker from Ohio, who argues that tax reform will lead to more jobs and keep America competitive on the global stage. The ad and billboard are both part of a $5 million August campaign launched by AAN to highlight the need for Congress to pass tax reform.

In addition to the ad, AAN also has secured a mobile billboard that will drive around the site of the town hall in advance of the event and thank Ryan for “fighting to cut taxes for working families and small business.”

“Speaker Ryan has spent his career working toward tax reform, and now, Congress is on the verge of making tax reform a reality for middle-class families across the county,” said Corry Bliss, executive director of AAN, about the campaign push centered around tonight’s town hall.

“We look forward to hearing Speaker Ryan make this case to the American people, and AAN will continue to do its part so Congress prioritizes reforms that will create more jobs, raise wages, and bring back the middle class,” he added.