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Sanders Fails to Tell Supporters About the DNC Involvement in His Upcoming Tour

Are Sanders and the DNC attempting to pull the wool over the eyes on Sanders supporters?

Bernie Sanders Protesters

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent an email blast out to his supporters on Tuesday, alerting them that next week he will be holding rallies in Maine, Kentucky, Florida, Nevada, Nebraska, Utah, and Arizona.

What Sanders failed to mention to his supporters is that this is part of a Democratic National Committee (DNC) tour featuring DNC Chair Tom Perez.

The DNC announced its “Come Together and Fight Back” tour, which aims to build grassroots activism in purple and red states by holding rallies featuring Perez and Sanders.

“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality and a shrinking middle class, we need a government which represents all Americans, not just Wall Street, multi-national corporations and the top 1 percent,” Sanders and Perez said of the tour in a joint statement released on Monday.

But when Sanders emailed his supporters about the upcoming tour, he failed to mention the DNC or Perez’s involvement to his followers.

“And next week I am going back on the road, visiting areas of the country often ignored by Democrats. I will be in Maine, Kentucky, Florida, Nevada, Nebraska, Utah and Arizona,” Sanders told supporters, before asking them to donate to his reelection campaign.

Why would Sanders fail to mention that these rallies are being put together by the DNC, and will feature Perez?

Could it be because Sanders doesn’t want to dig up old wounds from the 2016 election between his supporters and the Democratic Party?

Many Sanders supporters still feel that the DNC rigged the primary process so that Hillary Clinton would be the party’s nominee.

One possibility? This tour, which aims to build ‘grassroots activism,’ is a clever ploy by the DNC to get Sanders supporters in their system, while Sanders avoids handing over his valuable email list.

Sanders’ email list “rewrote the rules of email fundraising.” Sanders raised $218 million online from a record 2.8 million donors, and many of those supporters are not in the DNC database.

Perez has made it clear how important Sanders’ email list is to the DNC.

But as one senior Sanders advisor who helped build the list said:

“They keep thinking it’s the list. It’s so crazy. It’s like someone who buys a $12,000 bicycle and thinks they can win the Tour de France.”