Sanders Jokes People Commit a Federal Crime In Order to Get Rob Quist Elected

By NTK Staff | 05.22.2017 @12:47pm

The Vermont senator told Montanans that they should bribe people to get Quist elected in Tuesday's special election.

Sen. Bernie Sanders spent his weekend campaigning for Montana congressional candidate Rob Quist, and jokingly suggested that constituents go as far as committing a federal crime to get Quist elected in Tuesday’s special election.

Quist is running in a special election to fill Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s vacated seat, and Democrats are hoping Quist will be the struggling Parties first victory of Trump era.

“Reach out to your friends and your family and your co-workes. Beg them, drag them, bribe them, do what you can,” Sanders told the supporters during a rally for Quist in Billings, MT on Saturday.

Bribing an individual for their vote is prohibited under 18 U.S. Code § 597, the punishment for such an action includes fines and imprisonments, or both.

Sanders recommendation that people bribe individuals to vote for Quist may mean that Democrats aren’t too bullish on Quist’s chances of winning the special election.

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