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Sanders: President Trump is Moving America Towards an Authoritarian Regime

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he was very fearful that President Trump is moving America in an authoritarian direction.

Sanders made these remarks while discussing his support of a Democratic filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Cout nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Tapper played a clip of Sanders saying, “the Supreme Court of the United States has nine members, not eight. We need that ninth member.”

Sanders defended his previous statement telling Tapper, “Obama had to get 60 votes. That’s the rules of the United States Senate. And if 60 people vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch, he will become the next nominee.”

Sanders continued: “I worry very much, Jake, under these very exceptional times. When we have a president who I fear very much is moving us in a very authoritarian direction – a president who apparently has contempt for the entire judiciary – suggest that a judge who makes a decision against them is a “so-called judge,” a president who attacks all of the media as fake media, who attacks our intelligence agencies as operating in neo-Nazi fashions.”