Sanders Using California as Model to Push Dems Further Left

By NTK Staff | 05.08.2017 @10:35am
Sanders Using California as Model to Push Dems Further Left

“What I am trying to do now is to transform the Democratic Party,” Sanders said in an interview with Al Jazeera…

America’s most famous independent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), is dead-set on pushing Democrats further and further to the left. In a recent interview with Al Jazeera, Sanders rejected the idea of forming a third political party in lieu of “transforming the Democratic Party” from within.

“If there are people who think running as an independent, running as a third-party candidate makes sense, do it,” Sanders said. “But I think right now where we are, with the great danger of Donald Trump and the billionaire class and the reactionary agenda they’re up against, I am right now trying – again, will I be successful? We will see – to transform the Democratic Party in a very fundamental way.”

Sanders remarks are significant, given both his popularity and the Democratic Party’s sweeping losses in states likes Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Despite some Democrats saying the party needs to pull back from far-left progressive ideals, Sanders is looking to states like California to serve as a national model:

Sanders pointed out that in California, “progressives are gradually taking over the Democratic Party.” He says that that is what he is trying to do now, by working with the Democratic Party. Sanders admitted that he might not succeed if the resistance to progressive ideals is too strong within the party, but he feels it’s the best chance right now that he has to save the planet.

For their part, the Democratic Party is all in on Sanders’ vision. Last month, he toured the country with DNC Chair Tom Perez, who was routinely booed at events by Sanders supporters who believe the DNC aided in Sanders’ defeat to eventual Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.

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