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Scarborough: People on Inside Say Mnuchin is Cabinet Pick in Biggest Trouble

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough on Thursday expressed his belief that Donald Trump’s cabinet pick for Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, would be the most likely nominee to face stiff opposition.

“He’s a man that many people on the inside have said could not find his way to the United States Senate unless he had Google Map. He does not know the town. He does not know the people there. He does not know the Senate,” Scarborough said, implying Mnuchin’s outsider status could hurt him during the Senate confirmation process.

Scarborough also cited allegations that Mnuchin’s old bank foreclosed on a widow for missing a bill by 27 cents. “My God, in 2017, you look at what happened … the sort of questions he’s going to have to answer: ‘is it really true that you evicted a widow from her apartment?’ … I hear something she was, like, 58 cents late on a payment,” Scarborough said.