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Schumer Calls On Rex Tillerson To Release Tax Returns

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Donald Trump’s Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson to release his tax returns on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

USA Today is reporting that ExxonMobil did business with Iran while Tillerson was a top executive of the company. According to the report, “The filings, from 2006, show that the company had $53.2 million in sales to Iran, $600,000 in sales to Sudan and $1.1 million in sales to Syria during those three years.”

Richard Gutman, ExxonMobil’s assistant general counsel, said of the profits, “These transactions are not material by any reasonable measure,” when you factor Exxon’s overall annual revenue during this time was $371 billion.

Schumer cited these findings saying, “There are reports in the media that under Rex Tillerson’s leadership, Exxon conducted business with Iran, potentially in violation of US sanctions law. So there are really serious questions that need to be answered.”

“In this particular case, Mr. Tillerson should release all his tax returns and promise to answer any questions on the Iran dealings that members ask.”

“Did Mr. Tillerson go around our Iran sanctions simply to line Exxon’s pockets? That would be a very bad thing. The American people ought to know about it before the Senate has to vote to confirm,” Schumer went on to say, seeming to imply some nefarious activity.