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Schumer Intends to Hold Trump’s Nominees Hostage until Muslim Ban is Removed

None of President Trump’s Cabinet nominees will be confirmed by the Senate until Trump’s controversial Muslim ban is overturned. That’s what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) told NBC’s Matt Lauer on Monday.

“Tonight, another thing I will do is ask that they delay the nomination, the vote, on Mr. Tillerson for Secretary of State,” Schumer informed Lauer.

Lauer asked Schumer if Schumer’s pause on Tillerson’s nomination and clarification on this policy would extend to the remaining Cabinet nominees.

Schumer, responded, “I think we’re going to ask about it for just about every one.”

“Aren’t the American people entitled to know the positions of these Cabinet people before they come in?” Schumer asked Lauer in response to whether he was holding these cabinet nominees hostage.