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Sean Spicer Jokes with Reporter: ‘Don’t Make Me Move The Podium’

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer joked with a reporter who asked whether Spicer and President Trump had violated a federal rule when they tweeted their excitement over February’s jobs report by referencing a recent SNL skit.

President Trump posted 22 minutes after the Labor Department report, which might have violated a federal rule which states, “the executive branch shall not comment publicly on the data until at least one hour after the official release time.”

The reporter asked Spicer if there would be counseling for Spicer and President regarding this possible violation.

“I think tweeting out ‘great way to start a Friday here are the actual numbers you have all reported,’ um, is a bit silly. Don’t make me make the podium move,” Spicer told the reporter.

This was an apparent reference to a recent SNL skit in which Melissa McCarthy portrayed Spicer whose podium doubled as a segway, which McCarthy used to ram reporters whose question he found to be idiotic.

At this reference, the briefing room erupted into laughter.