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Sean Spicer: We Are Going To Protect Our Country

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that the President Trump’s executive action to restrict people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States sends a clear message that we are going to “protect our country and our people.”

Raddatz asked Spicer about the 109 people who have been detained because of Trump’s executive action and what type of message it sends to Muslims worldwide.

“What it sends we’re going to protect our country and our people,” Spicer told Raddatz.

Spicer goes on to point out that there are 46 other countries with Muslim populations that are not affected by Trump’s executive action.

Raddatz pressed Spicer on why countries like Pakistan, Afghaastain, and Saudia Arabia, that have been known as terrorist hotbeds, are not included in this list.

“These were – the Obama administration put these first and foremost and said that these countries need to have further travel restrictions based on the intelligence that we have. so those were identified by the previous administration,” Spicer told Raddatz.