Sec. of State: We Will Not Be Lifting Sanctions On Russia

By NTK Staff | 04.09.2017 @10:55am
Sec. of State: We Will Not Be Lifting Sanctions On Russia

Tillerson promises the United States will continue to talk with Russia about their involvement in election hacking in the U.S. and around the world.

Rex Tillerson promised that U.S. sanctions on Russia would not be lifted and told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that the Trump administration would continue to talk with Russia about their hacking of elections.

Stephanopoulos asked Tillerson what the consequences for Russia would be if they attempted to influence another election through hacking.

“We will continue to talk with them about how this undermines any hope of improving relations not just with the United States,” Tillerson told Stephanopoulos.

Tillerson explained that Russia’s use of similar tactics to get involved in elections throughout Europe was evient, and that if this practice continues, it will be very damaging to Russia’s relationship with many European countries.

“So this is something that Russia needs to confront themselves, and, I think, examine carefully as to how is this helping them achieve longer-term objectives,” Tillerson said.

Stephanopoulos followed up by asking whether U.S sanctions on Russia would be remaining in place.

“There is no reason to be lifting sanctions, George,” Tillerson said.

“The reason the sanctions were put in place continue to exist. There’s been no change of the status of the situation in Ukraine or Crimea, and those sanctions will remain in place until those issues are addressed,” Tillerson concluded.

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