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Secretary of Homeland Security Gives the Best Response Ever

Kelly jokingly told the the former administrator of the TSA he was a nerd for knowing what CT Technology is.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, gave an all-time great response to an audience member during an event at the ASPEN Security Forum titled, “Securing the Homeland in the Post-Post 9/11 Era,” on Wednesday.

NBC’s Pete Williams and Kelly were discussing why the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed ban on people flying with their laptops on planes didn’t go into effect. Williams asked Kelly about new technology that the Department was experimenting with using.

Kelly began to answer the question by touting the implementation of CT technology at airports when Williams asked Kelly what CT meant.

“It’s a new kind of technology,” Kelly responded admitting he didn’t

know what CT stood for.

Williams asked the former administrator of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) John Pistole, who was in the audience, what CT stood for.

“Computer tomography,” Pistole responded to which Kelly jokingly replied, “nerd.”

The crowd erupted with laughter at Kelly’s joke.