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Secretary Tillerson: The US Has 20 Years of Failed Policy When it Comes to North Korea

On Thursday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared that the United States had for 20 years failed when it came to its diplomatic approach to dealing with North Korea and the threat it poses to the rest of the world.

Tillerson’s comments were made during a joint press conference with Japan’s Foreign Minster Fumio Kishida.

A reporter asked Tillerson about how the Trump administration is reviewing its policy regarding North Korea and what this new approach might entail.

“Well, I think it’s important to recognize that the diplomatic and other efforts of the past 20 years to bring North Korea to a point of denuclearization have failed,” Tillerson told the reporter.

“So we have 20 years of failed approach, and that includes a period in which the United States provided $1.35 billion in assistance to North Korea as an encouragement to take a different pathway,” the secretary of state added. “That encouragement has been met with further development of nuclear capabilities, more missile launches.”

“In the face of this ever-escalating threat, it is clear that a different approach is required. The purpose of – part of the purpose of my visit to the region – is to exchange views on a new approach,” Tillerson concluded.