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Secretary Tom Price: Our Goal is for People to Be Able to Select their Doctors

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said that it’s the aim of the proposed ObamaCare replacement to allow individuals to select the doctor they want to use.

A reporter asked Secretary Price if he could guarantee that people who liked their doctor could keep their doctor and whether he could guarantee premiums would not increase under this legislation.

Secretary Price pointed out how the Obama administration had promised both of these things to the American people but failed to deliver.

“We think it’s incredibly important for the American people to be able to select the physician and the place where they are treated themselves,” Price said. “So our goal is to absolutely to make certain that individuals have the opportunity to select their physician.”

As for increased premiums, Secretary Price said: “We believe strongly that, through this whole process and as it takes effect, that we will see a decrease not only in the premiums that individuals will see but a decrease in the cost of healthcare for folks.”