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Sen. Cruz Highlights Jeff Sessions’ Record of Fighting and Defeating the KKK

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) highlighted Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) record of successfully prosecuting members of the Ku Klux Klan and “bankrupting” the organization in Alabama. Cruz was responding to accusations from “the recesses of the internet” and “protestors” at the hearing.

Cruz discussed a case involving the gruesome murder of a young, African-American man by members of the KKK. Cruz cited Bert Glenn, an attorney from the Department of Justice who worked on the case with Sessions, who testified, “During the entire course of the investigations, [Sessions] has provided unqualified support and cooperation to us. And independently as an individual who absolutely wanted to see that crime solved and prosecuted.”

Cruz quoted other officials in the case, all of whom praised Sessions’
actions in the case.

Eventually, Henry Hays, the Klan member who committed the murder, was found guilty and sentenced to death, making him the first white man to be executed for murdering a black man in Alabama since 1913, according to Cruz.

“But as it so happens, you also prosecuted Hays’ father, KKK Grand Titan Benny Jack Hays, who ordered his son to kill an African-American,” Cruz said.

Cruz also pointed out that Sessions’ office joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center to bring a civil suit against the Alabama KKK, which eventually “bankrupted the Klan.”