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Sen. Graham: How Has No One Been Prosecuted for Classified Emails on Anthony Weiner’s Computer?

The South Carolina Senator wondered why the disgraced former Congressman had Hillary Clinton’s classified emails on his computer?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked FBI Director James Comey why no one had faced prosecution over the fact that Anthony Weiner’s computer contained classified information from Secretary Hillary Clinton’s private server at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday.

“For [Weiner] to get [classified information] should be a crime,” Graham said after Comey confirmed that Weiner had not been authorized to receive such information.

“Somebody should be prosecuted for letting Anthony Weiner have access to classified information. Does that make general sense?” Graham asked.

Comey declined to definitively comment on Graham’s line of thinking.

“There’s no Anthony Weiner statute,” Comey said to laughs.