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Sen. Leahy Claims there is a Constitutional Crisis Despite Trump Administration’s Legal Compliance

In an appearance on MSNBC Monday, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said that the United States was still experiencing a constitutional “crisis” over President Trump’s national security executive orders, despite the Trump administration’s compliance with a Federal Judge’s orders.

Host Steve Kornacki asked Leahy, “If [the Trump administration] are complying with the order, does it rise to the level of constitutional crisis?”

Leahy responded in the affirmative: “It does in this regard. Put it in totality. First the President fires the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Then he tries to deride a judge who’s doing his job for not agreeing with what a member of the executive branch [believes], and then he jumps in there to say Russia is the moral equivalent of the United States of America.”

Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, whom President Obama appointed, after she refused to defend his executive orders, and in response to a judge’s order halting his executive orders, Trump tweeted out this, which set off a firestorm: