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Senator Isakson Announces Support for Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary

After initial hesitation following revelations that President Trump’s Labor pick Andy Puzder hired an illegal immigrant, Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) announced his support for Puzder’s nomination Wednesday on MSNBC.

Puzder “is an outstanding appointee given his experience as a franchise owner and given what he’s done in business,” Isakson said.

“He’d be great to be over [at] the Labor Department,” Isakson continued.

POLITICO previously reported on Isakson’s concerns regarding Puzder’s employment of an illegal immigrant as a housemaid:

“You’ve got to consider everything in context of the total package, not just one thing,” Isakson said. On the immigration issue, he said: “That’s something you’ve got to consider. I don’t want to make a declaration until I’ve made a decision.”

However, Isakson’s concerns were not enough to override the qualifications of what Isakson called an “outstanding appointee.”