Sessions: I’ve Created Task Force to Deal With Opioid Health Care Fraud

By NTK Staff | 08.29.2017 @12:21pm

The attorney general has assigned 12 prosecutors to hunt down doctors and pharmacies that get people addicted to opioids.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children conference on Tuesday that he had formed a task force to aggressively pursue doctors and pharmacies who are contributing to the proliferation of opioid addiction in America.

Sessions told the conference that the approach would be data-based, using analytics to identify those doctors, pharmacies, and health care providers that supplied excessive opioid prescriptions to patients.

“This work can tell us which physicians are writing opioid prescriptions at a rate that far exceeds their peers,” Sessions said, in addition to other factors like geographical trends.

The attorney general said that he had designated 12 prosecutors inside the Department of Justice to pursue these cases and promised health care fraudsters that his team would bring them to justice.

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