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Snapchat CEO: Old People Can’t Even Use Email, So Why Teach Them Snapchat?

CEO Evan Spiegel took a dismissive tone towards older tech users in an earnings call for Snap, Inc. on Wednesday. The tone will not help Snap’s falling stock.

Evan Spiegel

Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel took a dismissive tone toward older users of technology on Wednesday during an earnings call, the second time in recent months Spiegel has dismissed large swaths of the population that could use his popular app.

According to tech reporters listening in on Snapchat’s first-quarter earnings call, Spiegel answered a question on reaching old users by saying, in essence, that it’s not worth it because he could not teach his grandmother how to use email:

Other tech reporters confirmed Spiegel’s use of the story:

In April, Spiegel was on the receiving end of criticism from Indians after being accused of saying Snap, Inc. – the parent company of Snapchat – doesn’t “want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Snap stock tumbled in after-hours trading on Wednesday after the company reported a $2.2 billion loss in the first quarter of 2017 to only $149.6 million in sales.