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Solar Lobbyist: Paris Pullout is Treason, Lock Trump Up

Scott Sklar, a solar industry lobbyist, called for the president’s imprisonment over a policy disagreement.

At an anti-Trump and pro-Paris climate accord rally outside the White House on Thursday, environmental protesters, led by a solar industry lobbyist, called for the presidents’ imprisonment over his decision to leave the international agreement.

“I’m here to say: it’s treason, what happened today,” Scott Sklar, a solar industry lobbyist, said.

The crowd repeated Sklar’s charge, yelling, “Treason!”

Members of the crowd began to chant, “Lock him up!” Sklar joined in on the chanting.

According to his company biography, Sklar serves as the president of The Stella Group, Ltd., described as “a strategic policy and clean technology optimization firm facilitating clean distributed energy utilization.”

His biography also touts his stint as the political director of The Solar Lobby, “a renewable energy advocacy organization founded by the nine major national environmental organizations.”