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Sour Champagne? Clinton Uses Macron Win to Settle Scores on Her Loss (Again)

Hillary Clinton continued to insist on Sunday that her loss was the fault of Russia, with a Trump-ian barb at the media throw in for good measure.

Clinton Arizona Strategy

In case you didn’t know, Hillary Clinton still thinks her loss in the presidential election is not her fault.

Clinton tweeted as much on Sunday night, using centrist Emmanuel Macron’s win in the French presidential election as an opportunity to settle scores with her detractors and “the media”:

Reporters were not pleased with Clinton’s “shade”:

Clinton caught heat last week for blaming James Comey and Russia for her loss in the presidential election, avoiding most blame or scrutiny of the way she ran her campaign in the process.

Clinton appears ready to be one of the most active losing presidential candidates in recent history. She is starting a PAC with failed 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean to fund the “resistance.”

It seems like Clinton will also continue to try to settle 2016 scores.