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Spicer: CBO Was Off by 50% Last Time They Estimated Insurance Coverage

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer questioned the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) evaluation of the GOP health care bill at a press briefing Tuesday, pointing out that their insurance coverage estimates for Obamacare “were off by 50 percent.”

“The CBO, when they tried to project people in coverage, was over 50 percent wrong time the last time,” Spicer said.

“They projected 24 million people would be covered by Obamacare in the exchanges in 2016. Initially, that number was, initially, 10.4 [million], and it’s dropping,” Spicer explained.

However, Spicer praised the CBO’s ability to project budget numbers: “CBO is a budget office. They look at impacts on the federal budget. That’s why they were created, and that’s what they do.”

The CBO projected that the health care plan would cut the federal deficit by over $300 billion in the next ten years.