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Spicer Shoots Down Insinuations that Trump Doesn’t Care About Quebec Attack

Questioned by a reporter at the White House Press briefing Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shot down insinuations that President Trump doesn’t care about the Quebec attack on a Mosque as “silly.”

“I want to contrast the President’s repeated statements about Nordstrom with the lack of comments about some other things, including for example the attack on [a] Quebec Mosque,” the reporter said.

“I literally [stood] at this podium and opened a briefing a couple days ago about the President expressing his condolences,” Spicer fired back. “I literally opened the briefing about it.”

The reporte remained miffed that President Trump tweeted about Nordstrom but not the attack.

“You’re equating me addressing the nation here and a tweet? I mean, that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard,” Spicer said.

Trump also called Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to express his condolences and offer support.