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SPOTTED: DNC Chair Tom Perez Attends Democracy Alliance

On Thursday, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez was spotted at the ritzy Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on his way to speak at a cocktail reception for the Democracy Alliance Donor Summit.

In the video exclusively obtained by NTK Network, Perez can be seen walking through the lobby of the posh hotel when he is stopped by a man who briefly chats with the Maryland native. The two men exchange pleasantries before they head to a restricted area of the Mandarin set aside only for those attending the Democracy Alliance meeting.

The Democracy Alliance is a network of some of the nation’s wealthiest Democratic donors and was founded by billionaire George Soros in 2005.

According to USA Today:

The alliance does not donate directly to groups. Instead, its 120 or so donors — officially termed “partners” — pay annual dues to the alliance. They also are required to contribute at least $200,000 a year to organizations the alliance recommends.

The Democracy Alliance’s spring gathering will be preceded by a two-day, invitation-only summit. The summit, which opens Wednesday, will focus exclusively on liberal efforts to win back political power in the states, where Republicans currently control 33 governors’ mansions

Perez’s attendance appears to be at odds with the Democratic Party platform, which states:

“Big money is drowning out the voices of everyday Americans, and we must have the necessary tools to fight back and safeguard our electoral and political integrity.”

“We need to end secret, unaccountable money in politics by requiring, through executive order or legislation, significantly more disclosure and transparency—by outside groups, federal contractors, and public corporations to their shareholders. We need to amplify the voices of the American people through a small donor matching public financing system. We need to overhaul and strengthen the Federal Election Commission so that there is real enforcement of campaign finance laws. And we need to fight to eliminate super PACs and outside spending abuses.”

Even stranger is that Perez didn’t even try to hide that he was attending the event:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.05.19 AM

That likely upset many in the Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison wing of the Democratic Party, who see unaccountable money as a major problem in politics and often use it as an issue upon which to fundraise.