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Springsteen, Working Class Hero and Dem: I’m Not Writing an Anti-Trump Album

The rock-and-roll star who sings about blue-collar workers, and just opened up a run on Broadway, told Variety he doesn’t want to write “any anti-Trump diatribe.”

Bruce Springsteen

Rock-and-roll artist Bruce Springsteen has made his opposition to Donald Trump clear, but he’s not driven to write about it like he did with George W. Bush.

In the final weeks of the presidential election, Springsteen blasted Trump as a “flagrant, toxic narcissist,” and (incorrectly) predicted Trump would lose.

But a year later, asked by Variety about what’s next, Springsteen brought up Trump unprompted: he’s not writing an “anti-Trump diatribe.”

I suppose the [solo] record that I haven’t released. It’s not topical at all — topical writing at the moment doesn’t hold a lot of interest to me. I really got out a lot of what I had to say in that vein on “Wrecking Ball.” I’m not driven to write any anti-Trump diatribe; that doesn’t feel necessary at the moment.

When Variety followed up on Trump, Springsteen expanded:

If I felt that strongly, I’d do it now. But I watch myself, because I think you can weigh upon your audience’s indulgence in the wrong way.

Springsteen also threw some between-the-lines shade at Hillary Clinton, saying he’s only been involved in campaigns “when I felt it was really necessary and that maybe my two cents might make some small bit of difference.”

Springsteen’s approach to Trump is a departure from the George W. Bush years. His 2007 album, Magic, confronts the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, surveillance, and Bush administration controversies.