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Stephen Miller: America Stands Side-By-Side With Its Allies Against The North Korean Menace

White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that America would stand side-by-side with its allies against North Korea during an interview on This Week.

Stephanopoulos asked Miller about a recent North Korean ballistic missile test and whether or not it had crossed President Trump’s red line.

“What you saw last night from the President of the United States was an important show of solidarity between the United States and Japan. A powerful symbol to the world,” Miller told Stephanopoulos.

Pressed on whether or not President Trump’s red line had been crossed, Miller responded that the president’s comments on the matter were clear.

“The message we’re sending to the world right now is a message of strength and solidarity. We stand with Japan, and we stand with our allies in the region to address the North Korean menace,” Miller went on to tell Stephanopoulos.

Miller concluded by saying, “President Trump is displaying the strength of America to the whole world.”