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Steve Scalise Returns to Congress to Thunderous Applause, Thanks Heroes Who Saved Him

The wounded congressman returned to Congress three months after being shot at baseball practice.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) returned to Congress on Thursday and delivered remarks to the House of Representatives three months after being shot on a baseball field prior to the Congressional Baseball Game.

Scalise’s colleagues greeted Scalise with thunderous applause as he rose to speak.

In his remarks, the Louisiana representative expressed gratitude for the support and prayers of his fellow congressmen, his family, and constituents.

Scalise also singled out his doctors and police officers David Bailey and Crystal Griner for the roles they played in saving his life.

He directly addressed Bailey, who sat in the audience with the congressman’s family, “David, you are my hero. You saved my life. Thank you so much.” The chamber gave Bailey a standing ovation. Griner could not attend.