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Steyer Keeps His Political Options Open, Mocks Americans Outside Of California

During remarks to a Democrat audience this week, billionaire Tom Steyer kept his political options open while calling everyone living outside of California arrogant.

As reported by the Times of San Diego Friday morning, billionaire Tom Steyer spoke at the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club on Wednesday and during a question-and-answer session, kept his options open in regards to running for future office. Pressed by the Democrat audience, Steyer would only say that “nothing is off the table” when it comes to a future run:

People shouted for him to run for governor or the U.S. Senate (if Dianne Feinstein, 83, doesn’t seek a fifth full term in 2018). A single male voice yelled: “Run for president!” Steyer said NextGen Climate, the lobbying group he founded in 2013 to “prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for every American,” is using every tool at its disposal to inform and mobilize the public. “And every single day, we’re going to actively oppose Trump’s attempts to take away our rights and prioritize the corporate interest,” he said. “Nothing is off the table.”

Steyer though may want to keep his options limited to running in California. Responding to a question on how to counter the conservative “machine of lies,” Steyer proceeded to mock non-Californian Americans as having “built a wall around themselves” when it comes to the truth: 

In response to a question about how Democrats can counter “this [conservative media] machine of lies,” Steyer noted a friend in the “poorest county in West Virginia” who shared many of the same values as Californians. “I don’t want to leave those people behind,” he repeated, even though he called the country more divided than at any time since the Civil War. “It is almost impossible to get the [truthful] news into those people,” he said. “They have built a wall around themselves.”