Sununu: Mueller Hiring Dems Because He Knows There’s Nothing to Investigate

By NTK Staff | 06.19.2017 @10:57am

The former White House chief of staff said that Mueller wants to add credibility to the non-findings.

Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu said on CNN on Monday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is bringing on Clinton supporters to the Russia investigation because he has found nothing implicating President Trump in any crimes.

The addition of the Democratic donors, Sununu said, will lend credibility to an eventual announcement that will disappoint the far-left.

“Maybe Mueller has decided internally that this isn’t going anywhere, and that the only way he can have credibility on a decision saying that there’s nothing there is to have that decision come from a group of lawyers that are so blatantly biased against the president,” Sununu said.

Sununu said that he is “surprised” that Mueller would bring on pro-Democrat lawyers if there was a case to be made against the president.

The former White House chief of staff also backed up the claim of Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer, that Trump would have been notified if the investigation reached him.

“The White House should have been officially notified,” Sununu said, adding a measure of doubt to The Washington Post’s reporting.

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