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Supreme Court Expert: Judge Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed, It’s Up to Dems to Decide How

Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society Leonard Leo said that he expected Judge Neil Gorsuch would be confirmed to the Supreme Court, but he said it is up to the Democrats to decide how that will happen.

Leo’s remarks came during an interview on Fox Business following Gorsuch’s first day of testimony. Host Connell McShane asked Leo if he thought Gorsuch would get confirmed by 60 votes or if the Senate would have to change the rules to get Gorsuch confirmed.

“Look, everybody, I think in the room today felt that Judge Gorsuch was going to be confirmed, the only question was how the Democrats want to figure out how to lose on this one,” Leo responded.

“They either want a quick process, they give us 60 votes, and Judge Gorsuch gets confirmed, or they want to have an all-out obstructionist fight. That’s the question.”

Leo served as a Supreme Court adviser to President Trump and was heavily involved in the vetting process for Trump’s nominee.