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Symone Sanders: We Need Electoral College Reform Because the System Was Designed to Empower Racists

The Electoral College was built so “white slave owners could continue to retain their electoral power,” Symone Sanders said on “The Hughley Truth” podcast.

Symone Sanders, who served as national press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, said that America’s electoral college needs to be reformed, because it was designed to keep white, southern racists in charge of the country, during an interview on “The Hughley Truth” podcast released Wednesday.

Comedian DL Hugley said that “if you live in California by the time the election’s done, your vote doesn’t count at all,” because of votes cast in middle America.

“I believe that’s a fair point. I think that’s why we need the electoral college reform,” Sanders told Hugley. “We have to remember, you know, what the – how the Electoral College was built and it exists.”

“To appeal to racists,” Hugley interjected.

Sanders continued: “It was built to preserve the votes and the power of the votes of those in the South.”

Again Hugley interjected, telling Sanders “it ain’t working.”

“So again, these former white slave owners could continue to retain their electoral power,” Sanders concluded. “I think we can have a real, for real conversation about Electoral College reform.”