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Taylor Swift Shakes Off Apple, Returns to Spotify

The pop star, one of the biggest names in music, has a blank space, and she’s writing Spotify’s name.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s management came out of the woods on Thursday with a surprise announcement: she’s ending her exclusive streaming agreement with Apple Music, and returning to all streaming services.

Management announced her move on Twitter:

Swift’s fans are speaking now about how excited they are about the move. But why is Swift so enchanted with the other streaming services?

Is there bad blood between Swift and Apple? It’s hard to tell, but it marks a rough few weeks for the tech giant. Apple’s conference left tech writers declaring the company is in a “slump” this week, and its earning negative attention as a “bully” in Silicon Valley. Maybe Swift knew Apple was trouble?

Now, Swift will begin again with Apple’s competitors. It seems Apple’s wildest dreams – an exclusive deal with pop music’s biggest star – is off the table in 2017.