Texans Love Trump: President Posts Strong Approval Ratings in Lone Star State

By NTK Staff | 10.19.2017 @11:00am
Texans Love Trump: President Posts Strong Approval Ratings in Lone Star State

Nearly 80 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of independents approve Trump’s job performance so far.

Texans love Donald Trump. Or, at least, according to a newly-released poll they do.

The University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll found that 45 percent of Texas voters approve of Trump’s job performance while 49 percent disapprove.

But among Republicans, Trump posted an impressive 79 percent approval rating. Perhaps even more surprising, 55 percent of independents said they approve of Trump’s job performance, while only 35 percent said they disapprove.

The Texas Tribune breaks down the numbers further:

The president got better marks from men (52 percent favorable) than from women (39 percent); and from white voters (55 percent) than from black (14 percent) or Hispanic voters (34 percent).

Perhaps the best news for Trump is that the intensity of his supporters has not wavered in Texas.

“There’s no slippage here in intensity,” said Josh Blank, manager of polling research at the Texas Politics Project at UT-Austin. “There is some in the national numbers, but it’s not happening in Texas.”

One reason for that could be Trump’s handling of Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas last month. Texans strongly approve of Trump’s handling of that and other natural disasters. Fully 56 percent of Texas voters said they approved of his handling of the Hurricanes while just 29 percent said they disapproved.

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