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Texas Environmental Leader Admits on Camera to Smuggling Illegal Immigrant Across the Border

“I was caught with an illegal immigrant in my automobile–in my car on the border, and they arrested me,” Louis Moncivas Gutierrez said.

Louis Moncivas Gutierrez, an experienced stunt coordinator, actor, and environmental activist admitted on camera to smuggling an illegal immigrant across the border, a felony that carries up to ten years in prison, a fine, or both.

“I was caught with an illegal immigrant in my automobile – in my car on the border – and they arrested me. I got fined $10,000. I got a new truck to me taken away, and I had to do one-year probation, and I spent seven days in jail,” Gutierrez said in a video first published on Core News Texas.

Gutierrez has a rather long rap sheet that includes charges of burglary, criminal trespassing, bail jumping, and failure to appear, among others.

Gutierrez was previously involved in the failed protest of the Trans-Pecos pipeline, which resulted in protesters asking donors for bus fare so that they could return home.