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Who Are The Texas Political Novices Donald Trump Has Paid $22 Million?

One of the largest beneficiaries of Donald Trump’s campaign is a small firm based in Texas – Trump may be their first political client.

Trump and San Antonio

Donald Trump has so far avoided spending big on traditional elements of a presidential campaign, like TV ads and GOTV efforts. He has spent big on web design and digital, though – and one small firm benefits above all.

San Antonio-based Giles-Parscale has rarely been discussed in the course of this presidential campaign, but it received more than $12.5 million from the Trump campaign between Oct. 2015 and July 2016.

Then came the AP’s report of the Trump camp’s August spending:

The Trump campaign’s biggest expense for the month was more than $11 million to Giles-Parscale for digital consulting and online advertising. Like Trump, the Texas firm is new to politics.

Giles-Parscale received nearly as much from Trump in August as they received in the previous 10 months combined.

So what is Giles-Parscale?

Well, it’s a digital firm co-founded by designer Jill Giles and web guru Brad Parscale. Their listed clients include hotels, banks, coffee shops, bars, law firms, and universities.

The Trump campaign appears to be their first political client, meaning the businessman has put $22 million worth of trust in a political novice.

The relationship may have more to do with longtime ties than blind trust, though: The Trump Organization hired Giles-Parscale all the way back in 2012 for website work.

Still, in a campaign full of unprecedented moves, it’s unprecedented for a non-political firm to earn millions doing critical work for a major presidential nominee.