The 2020 Campaign is Underway, and President Trump is Running

By NTK Staff | 08.21.2017 @8:50am
The 2020 Campaign is Underway, and President Trump is Running

Politico reports the president is putting his re-election operation into motion, as the unofficial start to the presidential campaign – post-midterm elections – lies only 15 months away.

The 2020 presidential campaign has already started, and President Donald Trump is gearing up for a re-election fight.

That’s the gist of a new Politico report out Monday. Alex Isenstadt goes through some of the actions Trump and his political team have taken to set the president up for a well-funded re-election campaign:

  • “Trump filed federal papers declaring himself a 2020 candidate,” in January
  • Trump will visit New York, Texas, and other fundraising hotbeds in the fall to raise the tens of millions of dollars he’ll need to compete
  • Trump aides are “monitoring the political activities of an ever-expanding group of Democrats who are considering 2020 campaigns”

Despite the president’s low approval rating seven months into his presidency, and the struggles he faces even within his own party, Trump should enjoy some advantages of incumbency that prior presidents have had. He’ll have the bully pulpit of the White House and the baked-in fundraising advantage most sitting presidents possess.

The Democrats are facing some less-than-stellar options right now – geriatrics or little-known politicians, as NTK Network pointed out earlier this month.

Democrats have to fundraise, too, as many have started doing in the Hamptons.

Of course, Trump isn’t out of the woods yet. As NTK Network reported a few weeks ago, at least one significant Republican is mulling a challenge to Trump in 2020.

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