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The DNC Chair Refused to Say Trump’s Name. When the GOP Did That to Obama, MSNBC Flipped Out.

The often liberal-leaning network was outraged when Republicans refused to say President Obama’s name.

Tom Perez DNC Bid

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez declined to say President Trump’s name during a rally in the nation’s capital on Monday.

“Our most important power is not the mister in the White House. I can’t even mention his name,” Perez told a crowd during a speech at a May Day protests in Washington D.C. “Our most important power is the power of all of you.”

However, Perez’s decision to not say President Trump’s is eerily similar to Republicans not calling President Obama “president,” which drew considerable outrage from MSNBC hosts.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in 2013 went on a tirade about what he described as Republican efforts to delegitimize President Barack Obama by referring to him simply as Obama and not President of the United States.

MSNBC’s now debunked show The Cycle did a panel in 2013 in which a heated discussion focused on the same issue.

So far, however, MSNBC has remained silent regarding Perez’s decision to belittle Trump on Monday.