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The Media is Desperate to Make Kamala Harris a Thing

A couple of testy exchanges at committee hearings are all the media needed to crown the California senator Trump’s biggest threat…

Kamala Harris 2020

Ever desperate to create a compelling storyline, the press has decided to label Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as the Democrat ready to step up and take on President Trump.

That became evident with headlines like Politico’s “Trump hearings launch Kamala Harris,” or the Los Angeles Times’ “Kamala Harris raises political profile at Comey hearing, but gets few answers.” One headline even compared Harris to President Obama, claiming she’s running the same “political playbook” he used to become president.

While a few names have emerged as potential Democratic challengers to President Trump in 2020, the media hates a vacuum, so underqualified candidates like Harris often receive more attention than is justified.

One episode this week, in which Harris repeatedly badgered a witness at a Senate hearing, received an outsized amount of attention because the committee’s chairman asked that the witness be allowed to answer Harris’s questions.

The interaction got so contentious that the witness, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, asked, “Before I start to answer, will you let me finish?”

When she didn’t, committee chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) stepped in to allow Kelly to respond. Within hours, Harris’s political team tried to raise campaign cash off of the interaction.

But there are signs Harris is not ready for prime time just yet. At an event last month, Harris casually used the F-word to make a point about healthcare. And in January, she tweeted that infrastructure spending was a “human rights issue,” a remark that drew nearly universal ridicule for abusing the term.