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The Trump Administration Secured a Big Win on North Korea This Week

Thanks to UN ambassador Nikki Haley and the U.S. negotiating team, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose tough sanctions on North Korea.

UN ambassador Nikki Haley

In a big win for President Trump and his administration, the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 on Saturday to impose tough new sanctions on North Korea.

President Trump celebrated the news on Saturday evening in a tweet, alluding to the fact that China and Russia have often abstained – or voted against – tough measures on North Korea. China and Russia voted with the U.S. this time.

Trump’s liaison to the U.N., former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), noted the sanctions will have an impact of “over $1 billion in hard currency” on the hermit nation.

PolitiFact noted on Sunday that this claim is mostly true:

The resolution bans the country’s export of coal, iron, iron ore, seafood, lead and lead ore to other countries; freezes assets of certain entities and individuals; and prevents other nations from increasing the number of work permits to be issued to North Korean nationals. Overall, the sanctions could represent about $1 billion in costs to North Korea — but experts say that greatly depends on other nations’ full enforcement of the sanctions.

North Korea puffed out its chest on Monday, saying its response will be a “thousands-fold” revenge on the U.S.

Still, the new sanctions are one of the most significant tough measures taken against North Korea since President Trump took office in January.