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These Are Not the Headlines Nancy Pelosi Wants to See

House Democrats are gunning for Pelosi, who has been their leader since 2002, in the wake of four straight special election losses at the House level.

Nancy Pelosi frowning

More and more Democrats are pointing the finger at one person they think is responsible for loss after loss in 2017’s special elections: Nancy Pelosi.

That’s the theme of a number of stories out since Democrat Jon Ossoff lost the most expensive House race in history for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District on Tuesday.


Every day since Ossoff’s loss, Pelosi has woken up to Democrats questioning her ability to lead the party to victory in the 2018 midterms.

Here are just a few choice headlines:


Could the calls for Pelosi to “go” lead to a new leadership battle? Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) challenged Pelosi for the House Democrat leadership post after the election. Now, Ryan is claiming Pelosi is more toxic than President Trump “in some areas of the country.”

The Associated Press notes Pelosi has survived challenges to her leadership before. But with young liberals and #resistance members hungry for new faces, their calls may just be enough to tip the scales in progressives’ favor this summer.


Pelosi was probably proud to get a shoutout from “Pride (In the Name of Love)” singer and U2 frontman Bono at Tuesday night’s concert in Washington, D.C.

But some may wonder why Pelosi was enjoying a concert in D.C. instead of watching the Georgia results come in.