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This Group Figured Out How to Stop Big Labor from Donating to Democrats

The solution, which already has shown results, is simpler than you might think…

The Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit group based in the Pacific Northwest, is helping union members keep more of their hard-earned money while simultaneously hampering the efforts of big labor unions from bankrolling Democratic candidates.

How do they do it? They simply educate union workers about their right to stop paying union dues. Here’s a video the Freedom Foundation produced to explain their strategy:

That might sound too simplistic to work, but the group has seen its efforts pay off in Oregon:

It turns out that 11,399 of the 28,667 homecare and personal support workers who had been forced into the union have quit SEIU 503 in the last two years, the very workers to which the Freedom Foundation had been reaching out to in its information campaign.

The financial hit from a drop in dues paying members like the one described above means that these unions can no longer afford to bankroll Democratic candidates like they’ve done in the past.

And that is good news to the millions of conservative and right-leaning union workers across the country. The SEIU, for example, spent nearly $1.5 million on congressional candidates in 2016. Every dime came from union workers and every dime went to Democrats.

By informing workers about their rights to refuse paying dues, the Freedom Foundation’s goal is to break the cycle of union money going from workers’ pockets to Democrat campaign coffers.