This Is What Apple News Thought Thursday’s ‘Top Story’ Was

By NTK Staff | 08.25.2017 @2:30pm
This Is What Apple News Thought Thursday’s ‘Top Story’ Was

Apple News’ curation process raises questions about the agenda behind the tech giant’s news service.

Apple News, the app-based news aggregator, compiles the top news stories of the day for millions of potential readers.

In May, the company announced they had hired Lauren Kern to serve as Apple News’ new editor-in-chief. Kern came from New York Magazine, which has a significant liberal bias.

It’s that same liberal bias that is raising questions about the “Top Story” listed on the site Thursday. “Trump Retweets Meme of Himself ‘Eclipsing’ Obama in Twitter Frenzy,” the NBC News headline blared atop Apple News.

Apple News Top Story

While Apple News accounts are customizable, ensuring users see and read the news that they want, the images for this story were procured through a new, unfiltered account.

The stories below the eclipse meme story include a CNN Money story about the debt ceiling and a Bloomberg News story about a former Uber employee taking her sexual harassment case to the Supreme Court.

Apple News Other Stories

Apple News is the tech giant’s curated content hub. Not unlike Google and Facebook, Apple should be subject to the same scrutiny about the content it chooses to serve to the millions of iPhone users who have the app pre-installed on their phones.

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