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Tim Kaine: Can’t Answer Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Talk With The Press

During an interview on CBS “This Morning,” Tim Kaine was asked when Hillary Clinton would have a press conference. It has been 272 days since Clinton’s last presser.

“You see Hillary take questions from reporters every day,” Kaine replied emphatically. “She does. She talks to the press everywhere she goes.”

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell interjected, “Really?”

Kaine seemed to forget that Clinton has had a habit of dodging the press’s questions, even going so far as to offer them chocolate on one occasion for cooperating with her.

“Well, look. I don’t see what the massive difference is between a press conference and talking to the press everywhere you go,” Kaine continued. “She talks to the press a lot. And I’ve been with her when she has talked to the press.”