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Tim Kaine Dodges On Making A DNC Endorsement

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) if he would endorse former Labor Secretary Tom Perez for the position of DNC Chair. Kaine dodged the question, telling Todd he is focused on his work in the Senate.

“I have not done an endorsement yet, Chuck, and I’ll tell you why. The Senate Democrats are the emergency brake on this administration. They don’t give House Democrats many tools in the minority, but we do have tools,” Kaine told Todd. “I’ve decided my highest and best use is to be a hard-working senator and focus on using the tools we have in the best way we can to check this administration. Doing other things like getting involved in the DNC is just not the big priority for me right now. I don’t want to take my eye off the ball in doing what I need to do to protect this country.”

Kaine served as DNC chair from 2009 to 2011.