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Tim Kaine Dodges On When People Knew About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email

Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), did not answer Bret Baier’s question about communications between President Obama and Hillary Clinton on her private email.

On Fox News Sunday, Bret Baier asked Sen. Tim Kaine a pointed question about Hillary Clinton and her private email server:

BAIER: “[President Obama] was using a pseudonym and an email address to communicate with Secretary Clinton, and there is communication and there are emails from staff that suggest they wanted to hold that back and were talking about what to do. Did the president lie there?”

Kaine stumbled through his answer:

KAINE: “Well, I don’t know. Because if a – I actually do not know if he’s communicating by email with Hillary, does he know that it’s a private server? I mean, I don’t exactly know if I send somebody an email exactly what their setup is.”

Kaine then leaned back on Team Clinton’s boilerplate explanation for her email scandal: that the FBI, in effect, exonerated her on the server.

Kaine has struggled before on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for her email.